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Over the past decade the awareness of the mental health issues and impact on daily life has been increasingly elevated, but has dramatically increased in recent weeks. This is in part due to the work of social education and awareness, but unfortunately it is also due to Covid-19  which has forever restructured our social interactions. It has become clear it is essential to not only protect and promote mental well-being for everyone, but to also address critical needs of citizens with mental disorders to encourage and support prevention, treatment, and maintenance of good mental health.  

The CDC has published their recommendation on establishing a comprehensive and holistic approach to behavioral health care, which identifies the need for multiple community entities to partner, and through collaborative efforts, address the behavioral health needs in their communities. The CDC report targets multiple areas to help further the effort to decrease the suicide rate and foster community wide collaboration to achieve comprehensive mental health care. Healthy Minds has been developed over the last few years to impact these exact target areas and act as a facilitator within our community to establish a foundation of comprehensive behavioral healthcare.

Healthy Minds continues to interact with multiple core community entities to assist in the identification of gaps in services and/or barriers to behavioral healthcare. Healthy Minds also works to facilitate the collaboration between these entities to establish and strengthen relationships and partnerships for the purpose of creating comprehensive behavioral health services for all Midland County residents. This approach results in unique, community-specific solutions to help establish and sustain a healthy and productive environment for all.


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Board Members



Dr. Mark Alexander



​Laura Nodolf

District Attorney

Vice Chairman

​Terry Wilkinson

Community Member


Joelle Bracken

MISD Crisis Counselor


​David Meek


Past President


Russell Meyers

Midland Health

Chris Barnhill


Kristi Edwards

Centers for Children and Families

Steve Thomas

Midland College

Chase Gardaphe

Affordable Housing

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