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Holding Hands

You are not alone

Choose hope & seek help

One in five people in the united states is currently experiencing a mental health issue, and with the current uncertainties circulating within our community this number is growing each day. However, help is available and recovery is not just possible, but probable.

Laughing Yoga

23 Messages of Hope for Those Starting Their Mental Health Recovery Hourney

The word “recovery” can mean many things when you live with a mental illness, and each person’s recovery journey is unique.

New hope for people with serious mental illness

Psychologists are increasing their work in treating schizophrenia and other severe mental health problems, including by developing a new specialty in the area

Personal stories of recovery and hope

"My depression initially began when my grandmother and uncle died within months of each other. At the time, I was working as an RN, and was proud to say I ..."

Hope for Mental Health

Five life-transforming Scriptural truths that shape our approach to the Mental Health Ministry are:

you are loved, you have a purpose, you belong, you have a choice, and you are needed.

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